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Grilled Nagano Pork Chops

Updated: Apr 4

A delicious summer meal grilled on the bar b que.

Nagano pork sounds Japanese but it is 100% Canadian, originating in Quebec, and carefully bred to Japanese standards. Tender, juicy and full of flavour. Grain-fed with wheat, barley and soy, and well-marbled. I marinate the pork chops for an hour before grilling. Find this fabulous pork at your local butcher. Many of the better grocery stores are also starting to carry it.

I serve the chops with a big salad of romaine, cucumber, green onion and feta cheese with a Japanese dressing. This recipe serves two hungry adults. Double the recipe if required. You're going to love it!

Pre-heat bar b que to medium-high, around 400 F

Brush the grill with olive oil


2 large Nagano pork chops, about 1 inch thick

2 Tablespoons of good quality honey

2 Tablespoons of sunflower oil

1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

1 Teaspoon of ground cumin

1 Teaspoon of chili powder, or a chili rub mixture

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


For the Marinade:

Mix the honey, oil, vinegar, cumin and chili powder in a small bowl

Season the pork chops

In a large zip-lock bag place the pork chops and marinade and make sure the marinade coats the pork chops

Refrigerate for one hour

Oil the grill and make sure the temperature is around 400 F

Place the pork chops on the grill

Grill side one for about 4-5 minutes

Flip the chops and grill for another 3-4 minutes or until done to your taste

Remove chops from the grill and cover/tent with foil for ten minutes

Serve and enjoy! Almost melts in your mouth!

*If you have wooden steak boards use them for this. Always fun to carve your chops on a wooden board.

Recipe for my big romaine salad and Japanese dressing.

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