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Welcome to my cooking and food art blog!  

I'm a cook, an artist and a food blogger from Ottawa, Canada's capital city.


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My Story

For over forty years, I have been creating and perfecting delicious dishes for family and friends. Teriyaki Salmon with Saffron Rice and Parmesan Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes have become staples in my family. And Kris's Banana Bread! I'm forever being asked for my recipes so I decided to create a blog, having had loads of time to create this project during the Pandemic!

I love to cook and discover new taste delights.  Time to share my favourite recipes with you. These recipes are easy to follow and when you use good quality ingredients, you will never fail.

Bon Appetit! 

I also paint Food. Do you have a favourite food you might like a painting of?  Great food is like art to me - To be created with passion, savoured and enjoyed.  My Food Art will look great in Your Kitchen, on your walls or your Cookbook Shelf.  I paint with high quality acrylics on Gallery Canvases.  My paintings are small, measuring 6" x 6", ready to hang and affordable.  Commissions available. 

Please take a look!


I'd be pleased to receive any comments on my recipes and my food art.

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